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Mansions are starting to spring up everywhere you look nowadays. Whether it be a newly built McMansion that is oddly situated between quaint little homes or a gigantic hilltop mansion thats hiding behind a large iron gate. It is all about making a statement and people will go to any lengths and spend obscenely large amounts of money to do so. A house used to be a place just to relax in and be secure and were typically small and cozy. These days, some houses being built look more like buildings. People building these mansions include anything imaginable in the design plans, including home theaters, bowling alleys, and sometimes even indoor swimming pools. Mega-mansions provide every necessity needed and much more. They are a place of entertainment and luxury and most interiors are of museum quality. Mansions are built by people who live on a grand scale and love to entertain. Building or buying a mega-mansion reinstates your ranking in society and gives the people who own them a sense of accomplishment.