Name: Bill Gates
Occupation: Co-Founder of Microsoft Inc.
Location: Medina, Washington
Square Feet: 50,000 / 66,000 (including garage space and outbuildings)
House Name: The Ecology House

Bill Gates’ technology advanced mega-mansion sits on over 5 acres overlooking Lake Washington. Its 8 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms are spread out over four levels. When entering his house, a pin is worn by guests that upon entrance of a room, it automatically adjusts temperature, music, and lighting based on the guest’s preferences. This lakefront property also includes a 17ft x 60ft swimming pool, a 30 car subterranean garage, a100 visitor reception hall, indoor trampoline room, racquetball-volleyball court, basketball court, a library, a bowling alley, a shooting range, and last but no least, a movie theater. As of 2008, the home’s value was assessed at $147.5 million.