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European Style Home In Johnston, Iowa

This European style brick & stone home is located at 10510 NW 75th Place in Johnston, Iowa and is situated on an acre of land.

15,000 Square Foot Brick Mansion On 20 Acres In Fairfield, IA

This stately Georgian style brick mansion is located at 1683 Highway 1 in Fairfield, IA and is situated on 20 acres of land.

13,000 Square Foot Stone Mansion In Elkhart, IA

This stone mansion is located at 13286 NE 56th Street in Elkhart, IA and is situated on 23 acres of land.

12,000 Square Foot Brick Mansion In Waterloo, IA For Under $2 Million

Location: 1873 Crabapple Lane, Waterloo, IA Square Footage: 12,811 Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 7 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms Price: $1,999,900 This brick mansion is located at 1873 Crabapple Lane in Waterloo, IA and is situated on nearly 2 acres of...

A look at some Mansions – 61

Mansion #1 - Pictures #1-4 - This mansion is located on Squaw Ridge Road in Marion, IA. It is owned by a dentist. CLICK HERE Mansion #2 - Pictures #5-8 - This mansion is located at 6700...

Unique Mega Mansion In Cedar Rapids, IA

This unique mega mansion is located on Rosedale Road in Cedar Rapids, IA. It looks to be in excess of 20,000 square feet and features an indoor swimming pool and pond. It is owned...

A look at some Mansions – 39

Home #1 - Pictures #1,2 - This mansion is located on Towlston Road in Mclean, VA. Home #2 - Pictures #3,4 - This 17,000 square foot mansion is located at 860 Vista Bluff Drive in...

One of Iowas's Most Expensive and Largest Homes

Location: 3800 Fuller Road, Des Moines, IAPrice: $3,900,000Square Feet: 13,941 This luxurious mansion was built in 2007 and cost about $5.2 million to do so. The...