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Historic Mansion In Tasmania, Australia (FLOOR PLANS)

This historic Gothic Revival style brick & stone mansion is located at 12 Stoke Sreet in New Town, Tasmania, Australia.

French Style Home In Victoria, Australia (FLOOR PLANS)

This French style home is located at 34 Rubens Grove in Canterbury, Victoria, Australia.

Historic Home In New South Wales, Australia (FLOOR PLANS)

This historic home is located at 9 Stanton Road in Mosman, New South Wales, Australia.

31,000 Square Foot Waterfront Mega Mansion In Perth, Western Australia

This waterfront mega mansion is located in Dalkeith, Perth, Western Australia , Australia.

Contemporary Style Waterfront Home In Queensland, Australia (FLOOR PLANS)

This Contemporary style waterfront home is located at 43 Knightsbridge Parade West in the gated community of the Sovereign Islands in Paradise Point, Queensland, Australia.