Charming Colonial Style Home In Nashville, Tennessee

This charming Colonial style home is located at 4032 Overbrook Court in Nashville, Tennessee and is situated on 1.8 acres of land.

Plantation Style Waterfront Home In Newport, North Carolina

This plantation style waterfront home is located at 118 Buena Vista Drive in Newport, North Carolina and is situated on 5 acres of land.

$45 Million Newly Built Modern Mansion In Beverly Hills, California

This newly built modern mansion is located at 1029 North Hanover Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

$40,000 A Month Rental In Ossining, New York

This mansion is located at 784 Pinesbridge Road in Ossining, New York and is situated on 16+ acres of land.

Modern Waterfront New Build In Miami Beach, Florida

This newly built modern waterfront home is located at 1070 S Shore Drive in Miami Beach, Florida and is situated on half an acre of land.

$14.95 Million French Style New Build In Dallas, Texas

This newly built French style mansion is located at 9362 Hollow Way Road in Dallas, Texas and is situated on 1.1 acres of land.