French Style Stone Mansion In Fort Worth, Texas

This French style stone mansion is located at 7029 Sanctuary Heights Road in Fort Worth, Texas and is situated on 2.4 acres of land.

$26.5 Million Waterfront Mansion In Miami, Florida

This waterfront mansion is located at 500 Arvida Parkway in Miami, Florida and is situated on an acre of land.

Newly Built Shingle Style Home In Southampton, New York (FLOOR PLANS)

This newly built shingle style home is located at 485 David Whites Lane in Southampton, New York and is situated on 1.6 acres of land.

French Style Stone Home In Saint Paul, Minnesota

This French style stone home is located at 4 Catbird Circle in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

88 Acre Waterfront Estate In Kilmarnock, Virginia

This 88 acre waterfront estate is located at 355 Ditchley Road in Kilmarnock, Virginia.

Newly Built Brick Home In Alpine, New Jersey

This newly built brick home is located at 32 Allison Road in Alpine, New Jersey and is situated on an acre of land.