12,000 Square Foot Lakefront Mansion In Long Lake, Minnesota

This lakefront brick & stone mansion is located at 3320 Fox Street in Long Lake, Minnesota and is situated on 3 acres of land.

Texas Mansion With Backyard Waterpark Re-Lists For $27.995 Million

This incredible French inspired estate is located at 10711 Strait Lane in Dallas, TX and is situated on 4.3 acres of land.

$2.5 Million Lakefront Home In Sunset, South Carolina

This lakefront wood & stone home is located at 314 Palmer Way in Sunset, South Carolina and is situated on an acre of land.

$260 Million Island Ranch In Hawaii

This 55,000 acre ranch, dubbed "Molokai Ranch", comprises 35% of the island of Molokai in Hawaii.

Historic English Tudor Style Estate In Greenwich, Connecticut

This historic English Tudor style estate is located at 781 Lake Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut and is situated on 5.3 acres of land.

Newly Built Brick & Stone Home In Atlanta, Georgia

This newly built brick & stone home is located at 940 Dunwoody Club Drive in Atlanta, Georgia and is situated on an acre of land.