$2.8 Million French Style Home In Colleyville, TX

This French style brick & stone home is located at 2404 Glade Road in Colleyville, TX and is situated on 2 acres of land.

$4.75 Million Shingle & Stone Home In New Canaan, CT

This shingle & stone home is located at 79 Devonwood Lane in New Canaan, CT.

5 Homes For Sale That Can Fit Your Huge Family

These 5 homes for sale can definitely fit your huge, extended family. They each feature 10 or more bedrooms and 14 or more bathrooms! Which one could you see you and your whole family living...

$12 Million French Style Home In Atherton, CA

This French style stone & stucco home is located on Ralston Road in Atherton, CA and is situated on an acre of land.

14,000 Square Foot Newly Built Brick & Stone Mansion In McLean, VA

This newly built brick & stone mansion is located at 8735 Brook Road in McLean, VA and is situated on 1.2 acres of land.