$21 Million Apartment In San Francisco, California (FLOOR PLANS)

This historic apartment is situated on the 5th floor of an apartment building located at 2000 Washington Street in San Francisco, California.

Newly Built Riverfront Mansion In Rumson, New Jersey

This newly built riverfront mansion is located at 27 Ward Avenue in Rumson, New Jersey and is situated on over 3 acres of land.

Historic Mansion In Minneapolis, Minnesota

This historic mansion is located at 1300 Mount Curve Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is situated on an acre of land.

$88 Million Mega Mansion In Los Angeles, California

This newly renovated mega mansion is located at 330 S Mapleton Drive in Los Angeles, California and is situated on 1.2 acres of land.

Lakefront Brick Mansion In Laurel, Florida

This lakefront brick mansion is located at 3400 Bonterra Drive in Laurel Hill, Florida and is situated on 11 acres of land.

$14 Million Waterfront Mansion In Westport, Connecticut

This shingle style waterfront mansion is located at 5 Hedley Farms Road in Westport, Connecticut and is situated on 7 acres of land.