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Posting our own designs

Hi all,

Since the forum isn't currently swamped with traffic, I wondered if it would be okay to post some of my own mansion and luxury home designs. HoTR used to cover readers' own designs, back in the early days, but lately it has been all real houses. Would it break any rules or bother anyone if I posted my designs here?

The advantage to my designs is that you can get all the renderings and floor plans you like. 🙂

I'm not seeing overwhelming interest, but I'm also not seeing any objections, so I'll put something together and post it soon. I guess I'll just use the area appropriate for the square footage, and add a subject line flag that it's a user design rather than a HOTR feature.

This topic is awesome, but it is not active enough. I will share one of my photos when start redesigning my house.

Hey, I can do more also. I didn't realize anyone was actually interested. 🙂

Are you doing renovations or just redecorating?

I am redecorating my house.  It would be nice to see your images as well.