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Gandra's design: Mediterranean style, 5905 square feet

This one isn't large, but I'm pleased with it. I hope you'll forgive the somewhat cartoonlike renderings; I'm not skilled at creating raytraced photorealistic renderings. First I'll show you the outside.

I love the look of it overall. I'm especially pleased with the detached, raised terrace with the flowerbeds. It would be a lovely place to read on a pleasant day.

The pool is fairly standard for a luxury home -- in-ground, with an attached hot tub/whirlpool. Note that the door on the left of the picture, the one at ground level with no steps leading up, is a cabana bath. You can see from the aerial shot that the back yard also contains a play area and a fire pit with swings, but they're not visible in this shot.

This lot is about an acre, but if someone were to build this for real, it could be done on much less land.

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Here are the floor plans. Everybody loves floor plans. 🙂

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Walking into the two-story foyer, you'll see the formal living room ahead. To your right is the media room, with a hall bench outside its door.

Turning left, you'll see the formal dining area. Also note the rather lovely staircase curving gracefully upward, and the wet bar accessible from either the living room or dining room. There's another curved staircase behind you.

Here's a downstairs bedroom. This isn't the master, just a bedroom, but it has its own private bath and a separate exit to the back patio. It's handy if the MIL moves in, for the housekeeper, or for aging in place when the homeowners grow old enough for stairs to be a problem. I'm a big fan of having a downstairs bedroom when possible.

When the family enters from the garage, they walk into this rather nice laundry/mud room. In addition to spiffy laundry facilities, it includes two closets -- one for laundry needs and one for a coat closet -- and another hallway bench with shoe storage space. I see no reason why the family should have worse facilities than guests.

I'm allowed one more picture, so I'll show you the media room. It's both theater and library.

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Now we approach the kitchen. On your left you see a door down to the basement, and on your right is a small wine cellar door. Also on your right and just a bit forward is the pantry.

Here is your large, nice kitchen. It wouldn't quite fit in the shot, but just to the right of the frame there's a second door into the garage. That one is handy when you're unloading groceries.

Off the kitchen is the informal dining nook, for breakfast and other casual meals.

The family room is fairly standard. Note the carpet, for greater casualness and comfort. There's a non-windowed wall which could be for another TV, although this family is using it for a built-out second bookcase. The door frame just visible on the right is a set of glass double doors out to the patio area.

For the last picture, have a look at this fancy-pants pantry. You've got wire bins for potatoes, apples, and whatever else would benefit from a traditional taters-and-onions holder. You also have the traditional shelving, a counter as a work area or for more storage, and an under-counter door to hold large items such as bulk canisters. The drawer is mostly there because it comes with that style of cabinet, but I figure it might be handy for utensils needed in a pantry (a can opener, bucket opener, etc.).

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And now for everybody's favorite -- the master suite! Here's an overview of the absurdly lavish bedroom with two different sitting areas, a small one with a fireplace and a larger one for hanging out. The size also accommodates a small work area. There's a private balcony through that door.

Here's the view gazing from the bedroom into the master bath. Note the sliding glass door. It really opens up the place to be able to see through both sides, yet the only side which opens is the one it makes sense to walk through.

The master bath has a bit of a hallway effect, since it must slither past the staircase, but I've made use of it. To your right is a powder room with both toilet and sink, so if that's all you're there for then you need go no further. Just past that, also on the right, is a linen closet.

Here we have a jetted tub and one of two very nice vanities. On the left you can also see the door to one of two large walk-in closets.

For our last pic of the master suite, check out the double steam shower next to the other vanity. The second large closet is behind the camera.

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Here is the view down the upstairs hallway, to the tiny nook at the end. I've placed a chessboard there, but it could be any number of things. Note that the railings, both on the foyer side and the living room side, are solid half-walls. I like the look, especially with the slight curvature.

The secondary bedrooms are good-sized, and each has its own bath. This is the nicest IMO, but all are pretty good. This one holds a bed, a study area, and it would have a small sitting area if I hadn't put in a drum kit instead. There's a private balcony overlooking the front yard.

Here is the secondary bath for the same bedroom. It's not large, but it gets the job done. As well as the showertub, toilet, and vanity, there's a towel warmer on the wall opposite the toilet.

Next is the secondary bedroom I regard as the worst, but it's still pretty nice. It has a private balcony to the front, as well as a small closet and extremely efficient bath. Since it's the smallest and the closet is so small, it's probably the one I would use as a guest room or repurpose into a hobby room.

For our last picture, here is the last bedroom. It's upstairs in the back, over the downstairs bedroom. It has a door out to a private balcony over the back, a private bath similar to the one pictured already, and two medium-size non-walk-in closets.

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Well, that's it for now. This plan is fully buildable in the real world, so it may exist physically someday.

I hope you enjoyed viewing one of my designs. I put a great deal of time and effort into these plans, so I'd appreciate any feedback. I'd also be happy to take more screenshots of renderings or floor plan closeups if anyone would like more details.

Thanks for viewing.