United States Homes

$3 Million Colonial Style Home In Newtown Square, PA

This Colonial style home is located at 103 Mill View Lane in Newtown Square, PA and is situated on 1.75 acres of land.

Contemporary Style Stone & Wood Home In West Cornwall, CT

This Contemporary style stone & wood home is located at 28 Reed Brook Road in West Cornwall, CT and is situated on 18 acres of land.

$4.5 Million Stone & Stucco Home In Potomac, MD

This stone & stucco home is located at 9805 Logan Drive in Potomac, MD and is situated on 1.35 acres of land.

22,000 Square Foot Historic Mansion In Cold Spring Harbor, NY

This historic Georgian Colonial style brick mansion is located at 300 Lawrence Hill Road in Cold Spring Harbor, NY and is situated on 5.4 acres of land.

$4 Million Waterfront Home In Charlestown, RI

This waterfront home is located at 419 W Beach Road in Charlestown, RI and is situated on 3 acres of land.

12,000 Square Foot Stone & Stucco Mansion In Bethesda, MD

This stone & stucco mansion is located at 6600 Lybrook Court in Bethesda, MD and is situated on an acre of land.

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$22.5 Million Newly Built Shingle Mansion In Los Angeles, CA

This newly built Georgian style shingle mansion is located at 310 N Carmelina Avenue in Los Angeles, CA and is situated on nearly 1 acre of land.