United States Homes

Front Exterior

Shingle Style Lakefront Home In Bay Harbor, Michigan

This shingle style lakefront home is located at 4110 Peninsula Drive in Bay Harbor, Michigan.
Rear Exterior & Pool

$24 Million Estate In Bridgehampton, New York With 1 Acre Pond

This 13 acre estate is located at 300 Sagaponack Road in Bridgehampton, New York. 
Front Exterior

$10 Million New Build In Houston, Texas

This newly built home is located at 3443 Inwood Drive in Houston, Texas and is situated on half an acre of land. 
Front Exterior

$2.3 Million Modern Home In Heath, Texas

This modern home is located at 525 Smirl Drive in Heath, Texas and is situated on 4.6 acres of land. 

7 Acre Estate In Purchase, New York With Awesome Sports Complex

This 7 acre estate is located at 5 Sarosca Farm Lane in Purchase, New York.

Historic 28 Acre Oceanfront Estate In Manchester, Massachusetts

This historic oceanfront estate, dubbed "The Chimneys", is located at 195 Summer Street in Manchester, Massachusetts and is situated on 28 acres of land.