Luxurious Penthouse In Queensland, Australia (FLOOR PLANS)

This luxurious penthouse apartment is located atop the Palazzo Versace Hotel & Condominium building located at 94 Seaworld Drive in Main Beach, Queensland, Australia.

$44 Million Townhouse In New York, NY (FLOOR PLANS)

This 25' wide, 7-floor townhouse is located at 11 E 82nd Street in New York, New York.

Penthouse In Sao Paulo, Brazil With Rooftop Pool

This penthouse is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

$45 Million Penthouse In New York, New York (FLOOR PLANS)

This penthouse spans the entire top floor of the Walker Tower located 212 W 18th Street in New York, New York.

$22 Million Modern Penthouse In Tel Aviv, Israel

This modern penthouse is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and spans two floors.

Luxurious Apartment In Paris, France

This luxurious apartment is located on the 2nd floor of a luxury building in Paris, France.