$17.95 Million Duplex Condo In New York, New York (FLOOR PLANS)

This duplex condo is located at 397 West 12th Street in New York, New York

Stunning Apartment In Victoria, Australia (FLOOR PLANS)

This apartment is located in the historic Port Authority Building located at 101/29-31 Market Street in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

$22 Million Condo In Miami Beach, Florida

This duplex penthouse is situated atop the Beach House 8 condominium building located at 3651 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida.

Incredibly Lavish $90+ Million Penthouse In Tel Aviv, Israel

This incredibly lavish Baroque style penthouse is located atop the Sea One tower in Tel Aviv, Israel.

$66 Million Penthouse In Sydney, Australia

This 3-floor penthouse is located atop the ANZ tower in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.