$29 Million Condo In Miami, Florida

This luxury condo spans an entire floor in the north tower of the Grove at Grand Bay Condos located at 2669 S Bayshore Drive in Miami, Florida.

$18 Million Full Floor Apartment In New York City (FLOOR PLANS)

This full floor apartment spans the entire 57th floor of the Madison Square Park Tower located at 45 East 22nd Street in New York, New York.

$18.5 Million Condo In New York, New York (FLOOR PLANS)

This luxury condo occupies the entire 11th floor of the condominium building located at 1010 Park Avenue in New York, New York.

$8 Million Condo In Seattle, Washington

This luxury condo is located in the Escala tower located at 1920 4th Avenue in Seattle, Washington.

$30 Million Condo In NYC With Spectacular Views (FLOOR PLANS)

This condo is located at 432 Park Avenue in New York, New York, which is the tallest residential building in the word.

Luxurious 4th Floor Apartment In Paris, France

This luxurious 4th floor apartment is located in Paris, France.