Front Exterior

LOCATION: 485 David Whites Lane, Southampton, New York


BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: 6 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms

PRICE: $5,295,000

This newly built shingle style home is located at 485 David Whites Lane in Southampton, New York and is situated on 1.6 acres of land. 

It features approximately 6,419 square feet of living space with 6 bedrooms, 6 full and 1 half bathrooms, 2-story foyer with staircase, 2 living rooms with double sided fireplace, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, glass-enclosed wine cellar, home theater, 2-car garage and more.

Outdoor features include a front porch, 2 balconies, covered & uncovered patios, swimming pool with spa and a pool house.

It is listed at $5,295,000.


  • horselips

    This is a big tract house topped with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry, but it’s still just a big tract house, with no evident luxury cred except its location in the supposedly desirable Hamptons. Street and aerial views of Southampton are not attractive – above ground utilities, haphazard zoning, and even the apparently main streets lack landscaped medians. The whole area appears to be the result of half-century old utterly unplanned wildcat development. Yes, there’s lots of money here, but the obvious obsolescence of the place in-justifies the sky-high home pricing. America is chock full of better places to live than here – better organized, better protected, better looking, better equipped, better weather, you name it, just better.

    All your $5.3 million investment here gets you is an unimpressive $1 million house with a 2 car garage, in an out-of-date neighborhood surrounded by a lot of other damn fools. But hey, who am I to judge! To each his own. Happiness is where you find it. Enjoy.


  • Melissa Hollingsworth

    The layout is bizarre. Among many other things, what is up with the “family room” being right next to the formal living room and also exposed to it?

    The basement bedrooms could easily have shared a bath, but instead one person gets a private bath while the other has to schlep across the house. I don’t think the front one is conforming, though — I don’t see a second exit — so in practice perhaps it just wouldn’t be used as a bedroom.


  • Jody Harrison

    I see some layout issues but those are easy to fix. I like the style and feel of it.


  • bethjanelle

    Why would anyone build a home in the “luxury” category with only a 2 car garage?