LOCATION: 2673 Boboli Court, Henderson, NV


BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: 5 bedrooms & 6 bathrooms

PRICE: $6,250,000

This newly built Contemporary style home is located at 2673 Boboli Court in Henderson, NV and is situated on 2/3 of an acre of land.

It features approximately 8,452 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, foyer with staircase, open concept living & dining rooms, gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, family room, wet bar, glass-enclosed wine cellar, home theater, garage and more.

Outdoor features include a gated entrance, front entry water feature, balconies, patio, kitchen/BBQ, fireplace and a swimming pool with spa. 

It is listed at $6,250,000.


  • horselips

    Form and function are discomboomerated in this preposterous design. Gazing at picture #16, the dislocation is stupefying – whatever the architect was smoking, I want some. Not as much as he’s doing, just enough for a buzz, thank you very much.
    What a ruthless, dispassionate house. The fireplaces are all image with no substance – just Bunsen burners on steroids, with none of the crackle, aroma and warmth that are the attraction and magic of the real thing. The ominous, icy-cold divider between the living and dining rooms seems inspired by the enigmatic black monolith seen in 2001, A Space Odyssey.
    Only the reflections and special effects created by the million or so lightbulbs relieve the severity of the flat, smooth, surfaces that defy and deny any connection or co-existence with the natural world.
    The only erotic space is the home theater, properly furnished to accommodate the needs and desires of teenage movie-goers.