LOCATION: 995 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY


BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: 6 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms

PRICE: $65,000,000

This penthouse is located atop the Stanhope located at 995 Fifth Avenue in New York, NY.

It features approximately 7,067 square feet of living space with 6 bedrooms, 7 full and 1 half bathrooms, formal living & dining rooms, gourmet kitchen, library and more,

Outdoor features include multiple terraces.

It is listed at $65,000,000.


  • opinionfree

    Here’s my issue with places like this: why so many bedrooms? Someone of this wealth doesn’t have, or want, people messing about in their home. Arranging your home, for the potential of grandkids, isn’t practical. In putting 6 bedrooms, space is sacrificed for bedrooms that will never be used. . A ‘trophy’ property (does this qualify?) should have no more than 3 bedrooms (especially, if it’s an apartment).


    • Jackson

      Many people have multiple bedrooms for the purpose of entertaining and being able to host people. I know many retired couples who only keep their large homes for the purpose of having grandchildren and kids coming to visit. Not all wealthy people are uptight, there isn’t really a point of a trophy property if others can’t stay and enjoy it.


  • horselips

    Ten rooms, twelve if you count the breakfast nook and the tiny elevator lobby. That’s 5.5 million dollars per room. Do any of these rooms look like 5.5 million dollars? But …but … you have to pay for the location! OK, do any of these rooms look like a five million dollar room? A four? A three? A two? Do you see any million dollar rooms? Just how much of the asking price is for the location? Just about all of it. How much was left for the residence? Precious little. And the crummy apartment looks it.