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  • horselips


  • Rob

    Very nice. Too bad it’s in Missouri of all places lol. Though Missouri is a solid red state so that is a plus.

  • Homowner

    A little too “Robin Hood-esque” on the exterior, but love the interior, except for the black wood. And I’d change the indoor B ball court into a classic car showroom. (It HAS the doors). Now if it only weren’t in a state dominated with rednecks, republicans and Yakov Smirnoff !

    • Rob

      Gotta love these tolerant, progressive liberals viciously attacking and denigrating blue collar, low income Americans by calling them rednecks and making incest jokes. In St. Louis of all places lol, you should be way more worried about the ghetto trash and BLM charlatans.

      • Peter Drippings

        Homo-ner bashing republicans? The wealthiest zip codes in every U.S. city, even typical blue states are majority republican. These homes you love to look at? Yeah, 99% all owned by high net worth republicans.

        Its an idea though, someone make section8ghettosofthepoor.net to cater do the welfare loving democrats

  • Julianna B

    The outside is nice and welcoming but the inside isn’t. Dark formal and not welcoming I was expecting to be WOW and instead not impressed. Looks out of place for the area…

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