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  • horselips

    Ninety-four acres. Imagine what The Donald could do with that…
    So, you take your guest to any window, say, “see all that?” He says “yeah.” You say “I own it, it’s all mine.” Screw city lights, sunsets and oceans – LAND, lots and lots and lots of it, is the ultimate “scenic view.”
    Back to the house – imposing architecture, solid brick construction. The whole place, inside and out, just drips with class and just-right elegance. Nothing is overdone or underdone. A superb composition, brilliantly executed. And at a price that’s almost unbelievable.

    • Homowner

      Chump Trump already owns 1,300 acres in Charlottesville, Va where he bought Patricia Kluge’s winery and 26,000 sq ft home, which he turned into a B&B/boutique hotel. What do we have to do to get him to retire and move THERE?!

  • Homowner

    Nice house, not overdone. Finally one with some land- the ULTIMATE luxury! But you couldn’t PAY ME to live in that redneck, backwoods, ignorance-breeding state! Even this house has a trailer park a mile away!

  • Charlie Adams

    Looks like some people are mad their candidate lost. Anyways, I’ve driven by the entrance to this home before. It is very understated. The guest house was actually built in the 1800s, and the property is on a small lake. I’m surprised at how long this home has been on the market with its close proximity to Charlotte.

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