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  • horselips

    Everything is designed for a crowd. When nothing’s going on, and you’re home alone, it’s gotta feel awfully lonely. In fact, it probably feels a little stupid. Of course there are 3 kitchens and several dining rooms, so if you decide to go all the way from one end to the other, you can stop for meals. This isn’t a home, and it doesn’t function as a palace; it’s really a resort. It would be perfect as an exclusive rehab center for ‘1%er’ fatties, drunks and junkies.
    Nice cars, but that candy wall is certainly stale by now.

  • AndrewF

    I approve of included collection of cars and bikes, but staff? I thought slavery was still a no-no!

  • Rob

    Looks like an office building. Houses of this particular style usually do to me.

    For $250 million you could buy a home of the same size with the same amenities as well as several vacation homes all across the world and save $200 million+. Really shows you how overpriced Commiefornia real estate is, and at least other super expensive real estate markets like say Palm Beach or Monaco aren’t filled with liberals and slowly being annexed by Mexico.

    • CJ

      FUCK YOU Rob, yes, FUCK YOU!

      • horselips

        Now now there, Mustn’t use all caps. That’s considered shouting, and that’s rude.

      • Rob

        What’s your problem?

  • Homowner

    For all of it’s excesses it’s still missing the ultimate luxury- LAND! Look how close the neighbors houses are. The helicopter is just a prop, it doesn’t operate. Yet this house will sell, probably to a Saudi Sheik or Dubai Prince, but it will sell for about $150M, if that. The outrageous price tag trick is just used to get free publicity. Remember when Patricia Kluge listed her Charlottesville estate “Albermarle” for $100 Mill ? Trump ended up buying it at auction for $12 Mill. At least THAT house had 300 acres!

  • salamOOn

    if you need staff in your house, it is not a home anymore…

  • balu jackson

    i will buy it some day in my dreams 😀

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