LOCATION: 490 W Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA


BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: 9 bedrooms & 17 bathrooms

PRICE: $18,800,000

This palatial stone & stucco mega mansion is located at 490 W Paces Ferry Road NW in Atlanta, GA and is situated on 2 acres of land. 

It was built in 2008 and features approximately 33,000 square feet of living space with 9 bedrooms, 12 full and 5 half bathrooms, 2-story foyer with staircase, 2 living rooms, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, ballroom, cigar lounge, home office, home theater, recording studio, salon, 2 gyms, massage room, garage and more. 

Outdoor features include 2 gated entrances, terraces & patios, fireplaces, swimming pool, 2 spas and 3 kitchens. 

It is listed at $18,800,000.


  • horselips

    “Palatial” is the exactly the right word, “over-the-top” might be the right phrase. Who knew such craftsmanship still exists. The 2 acre lot is a little small – an effort on this scale requires extensive and elaborate landscaping to complete the effect. Anyway, as we see regularly here, you can get a lot less mansion for a whole lot more money. The neighborhood sucks – ugly above-ground utility poles and wires everywhere, narrow undivided streets – none of the deluxe surroundings one might expect. And the surrounding homes all seem to be much smaller. Very poor location for this “palace.”
    Note to decorator – forgot to hang up the mirror in the home office. It’s still sitting on the floor.


    • Stove

      I agree with everything you said except for the part about the neighborhood. This is a situation where satellite isn’t doing you justice, the neighborhood is GORGEOUS. Go to Atlanta drive through Buckhead yourself then say it isn’t stunning. Not to mention the Governor’s mansion is directly across the street, and three billionaire’s are within a four block radius.


    • Craig2080

      This is “Big Papa’s” House… Kim Zolciak from The Housewives of Atlanta’s ex’s house. I am not surprised you like it as it seems right up your alley. It’s tacky… yes – its got a lot of details craftsmanship. But its put together in the tackiest of decor. This was also features in the movie Zombieland and in that movie it was Bill Murray’s house. The swimming pool is in a paver courtyard surrounded by flat roof wings of the house a 6 year old could have designed. It’s shoe horned onto a tiny lot which you always rip a fit about. There are a lot of layers of details here, but it doesn’t change that its still a pig with lipstick. No architectural merit and over the top tacky decor.