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  • horselips

    I love the Aussie term “alfresco” to describe outdoor facilities. Oh, and this house is a bit too white. And while the garage has room for 6 vehicles, its layout isn’t at all practical. And if that’s because the lot is too small, then THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE BUILT A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MANSION ON IT. Morons!

  • Craig2080

    You clearly don’t know Melbourne horselips and you only like ticky tacky tranny houses.

    • horselips

      It’s not that I don’t ‘know’ Melbourne, it’s just that I’m not that enamored with inner city locations that force more compromises and sacrifices than a premium home should ever ask of its owner. I’m sure there are suburbs and developments on the periphery of the city where an appropriate lot can be reasonably had, where a mansion like this can be sited in a proper environment.

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