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  • Todd

    Whoa, what’s this? It’s not “European inspired”, a mock-Med, a pseudo-Tudor, “French”, or a white box contemporary. It’s real architecture. It’s interesting. It fits properly into its landscape. The myriad details are sublime. Someone actually put some thought into this and didn’t simply regurgitate something already seen a thousand times. It’s not to everyone’s tastes (the purple rooms would need to change) but it’s stunning.

    • Atlas

      It is very nice, the only improvement would be to make the roof undulate with the top of the walls and for the window heights to match them- then it would be perfect.

    • horselips

      So, as long as it’s not inspired by anything else, it’s a masterpiece? Picture #1 reveals the actual inspiration – looks like a warped pair of Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts that went through a too-hot cycle in the dryer. As for fitting into its landscape, it’s not even painted green like everything around it. It sticks out like, well, like any big ol’ mansion would.
      Enough nitpicking. I must credit the architect for designing warm, comfortable curved surfaces and rounded corners, and avoiding the harsh, cold, knife edged features so often seen in modern efforts. It’s a bit feminine, but in a sensuous way, not to be confused with effeminate. And kudos to the decorator for actually hanging up the pictures instead of just leaving them on the floor leaning against the wall, and for not using any of those ridiculous, oversized, blown up portrait-caricatures of pop icons we also see far too many of nowadays.

      • AndrewF

        It does fit into the landscape though, and more broadly, into the context. For one thing, it is simply low, so it doesn’t stand out from the distance. For another it is fit for the climate, which near Melbourne and the ocean is windy, cold, wet and miserable most of the time. You want the building to isolate you from the environment as much as possible, while still affording the views and light – this it does quite well, I think.

        I would also bet this building is quite energy efficient.

        Finally, I think that Australia shouldn’t attempt to ape France, Spain or Tuscany any more than America should – try as we might, we are not them. We should be creating our own style.

        • horselips

          I’m all for creativity and innovation – I criticize lots of design for not being innovative, or even being interesting. Hey architects – ya listenin’?

  • Pierre

    Architects Roger Wood and Randal Marsh from Melbourne : http://www.woodmarsh.com.au/

  • AndrewF

    Finally, something interesting! Mind you, I’m not totally sure that I like it – but it is interesting, that counts for something.

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