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  • Craig2080

    Talk about tacky… it looks like it belongs at Disney land.

  • Pierre

    It’s one of the ugliest things I’ve seen in my life. Rich asians who are in love with european culture – apparently they have no taste whatsoever. “Incredible”, indeed.

  • horselips

    The building is beautiful. The grounds are a tad overdone, except for that elevated throne platform on the left side of picture #5 – that’s too cool. There’s nothing ugly or tacky about it – it’s simply ‘inspired’ by Baroque styles. If it was built 300 years ago, removed from its carnival grounds, and transplanted to a manicured park in Austria, France or Germany, it would be a UN Heritage site and a tourist trap.

    • Pierre

      You cant’ be serious… 300 years ago in Europe, nobody would have ever built something like that. Architects back then had to much respect toward classical architecture’s rules of proportion (among others things.) This thing can’t even be considered revival architecture.

      • Craig2080

        horselips has ZERO taste

        • horselips

          Naw, I just like it when somebody sticks it to the self-inflated taste-Nazis “Architectural correctness” is getting to be as oppressive as political correctness. Lighten up folks – embrace the whimsy.

          • AndrewF

            I don’t want to embrace this whimsy – it scares me!

  • Allen

    If this property was a food dish, it would Crest toothpaste flavored, pepperoni infused eclairs with sardines and toffee chips. I want to admire the builder for trying and it’s strangely fascinating in a kind of weird way. It’s like a car wreck; you don’t wanna keep looking, but you do. Would I live there? No! Would I finance it? Hell yes! There’s always someone with more money than taste.


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