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  • Craig2080

    Holy Hell is it an ugly house that looks like it was built in the 80’s/

  • Pierre

    Why would someone want to build something like this ? The front exterior makes it look like a hotel and the interior is even worse… what a pathetic attempt at mixing modern and neo-classical architectures. Only good point : the view.

  • horselips

    A monument to the Biosphere-Transitional style. WTF. Anyway, I do have to give the design credit where it’s due – the use of curved and rounded windows and ceiling surfaces successfully relieves the icy-cold sharpness of many contemporary homes where knife-edge linearity abounds. I must also compliment the inclusion of a real fireplace instead of the long, thin, gas BBQ ‘aquarium’ fireplaces usually seen, and for eschewing that God-awful straight-grained wood veneer crap most modern designs glue onto kitchen cabinets, and the phony stone veneers used to create contrast and focal points. Anyway, it is unlikely that anyone will ever mistake this construction for a private home, since it looks like, well, the spawn of the Biosphere.


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