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  • horselips

    Just shy of twenty million dollars. Two car garage. Point (.) 31 acre lot. Beverly Hills is a nice town – I get that – but what they want for what you get takes all the magic away. Look at the aerial view of the neighborhood – a bazillion houses packed in like sardines. No privacy. If the naybs have a party I bet you can hear the whole damn thing. No quiet enjoyment. If you or your kids throw a party, where do your guests park? On the goddam street? In front of everybody else’s house? Regardless of the weather? And what do you do if two or three naybs are throwing parties at the same time? The guests will be parking a couple of blocks away. That’s luxury? This house itself is OK except for the bargain-basement effort on the home office. But for even half that selling price, I would not expect to have to compromise my lifestyle in any way. Screw Beverly Hills. If you think it’s so great, you live there. Just don’t invite me over. I don’t street park when visiting a mansion. I’ll pass on that hassle.

    • Craig2080

      Regardless of the weather? Ha Someone has never been to Beverly Hills. Weather is a concern maybe 4 times a year.

      As for the house, I think this is a beautiful house ( I would not call it a mansion )… it’s basically a 7-8k sq.ft. house with a finished basement on a 1/3 of an acre.. in reality in the present market in Beverly Hills the price is probably on the high side but might not be crazy overprice but yes for this type of money I expect more as well.


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