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  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    I hope the comic, catastrophic quake in southern CA swallows this ghastly place WHOLE along with all the other psychotically humongous temples to egomania, pretension, materialism and greed there, too.

    • Christopher Boyd


      • Green Eyed Warlock

        Sounds like you just might just be on the exact same page as me, Chris. Do you think that incomprehensibly gargantuan airport-pitifully-masquerading-as-a-single-family-home and all the other shopping mall sized “houses” are just as revolting as I do? They the make up about, maybe, 25-30% of the posts here and as far as anyone with any true architectural knowledge, taste and comprehension knows that they’re irrevocably rendered vile due to their truly useless and egomaniacal size and off-the-charts pretention?

        • Christopher Boyd

          Lmaoo! Yes, 9 times out of 10 the pool houses are more architecturally significant than the “homes” themselves.

  • Bill_N

    What happened?….did Petra (Ecclestone) finally run out of ideas to ruin the decor of this grand estate? Good thing her dad Bernie can afford to eat the loss on the sale of this place (she bought it for $85M and I think she’ll be lucky to get $70M for it.)

    • Craig2080

      Ruin? Even if the glammed up contemporary look isn’t your cup of tea, I can’t imagine how anyone could think the horrendous decor of Candy was better.

  • horselips

    Alrighty. Yes, it has been remodeled with a leaning towards contemporary décor, howsomever, I can’t say I don’t like it. There are some stunningly beautiful places, and the sheer size of the rooms gives them all the credibility mansion public rooms ought to have. 56,500 square feet divided by 123 rooms gives an average room size of almost 460 sq. feet – that means a design without compromise – the architect could check all the boxes as he went. I wonder, though, since it’s not mentioned, does this mansion have at least 2 elevators? It should!

  • Teddee13

    Pretty much any decor is better than the standard old-lady-with-money-outdated-but-grand look Candy had going on here, so yes, I prefer Petra’s decor to Candy’s. But what she did was to replicate the look of EVERY SINGLE MANSION in Britain. How many C&C knock offs can the rich be subjected to?

    Other issue. What’s with the price point? We’ve seen this with the Stallion mansion too. Original owners finally sell their house for less than half their original asking price. New owners then immediately put house up for sale for more than the original owners couldn’t sell it for. Does she really think the changes she made are worth $115 million? Let’s face it, at most she did $5 million modifications. But let’s be generous and double that. So now she’s spent $95 million on it. How does a 210% price increase seem rational. Forget if the price is justifiable, because all house flippers justify their prices. What I don’t get is how this seems rational to her and the listing agents. Especially when neither she nor Candy could get it sold for $150 million. If it doesn’t sell when it’s at $150 million, why would it sell at $200 million?

  • horselips

    If I was going to blow $200 million on a roof, the last thing I would buy is a used house. For that kind of loot, you could huddle with a busload of brokers, architects and custom builders, and come up with the perfect site for the perfect mansion, and have absolutely everything done your way. Once the price hits the high 7 or 8 digits, it’s a hard sell to compromise, or settle for anything.

    • Craig2080

      The problem with this logic is… in Los Angeles there aren’t “perfect” sites in A+ locations just sitting there. This is 5 acres on the “most exclusive street in LA”… a lot that also is on the Los Angeles Country Club… nothing else like that really exists unless you bought the Playboy Mansion and tore it down and Owlwood.

      Also, to build a house like this takes 3, 4 and 5 years. A lot of titans of business who are the types who have the money to have this type of property don’t have the time or don’t want to invest the time of constructing a mega-mansion.

      • horselips

        But who in even half their right mind would want to live in Governor Moonbeam’s Peoples’ Republic of California, when there are free states close by.

        • Craig2080

          Where on Earth do you think you’re going to build a salable $200mm house in the US outside of CA? I don’t think its the greatest place or anything, but— LA is about the only place in the US a $200mm house MIGHT be salable.

          • horselips

            Good point. But I wonder just how many 9 digit prices are actually paid. I would imagine most are negotiated down or the listing is withdrawn altogether for lack of action. Asking prices, especially for mega-mansions, are rarely final.

  • vecuccio

    The piece of garbage DNA shit that owns this (via nepotism) is only 27 years old.


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