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  • horselips

    Not everything that can be done, should be done. For half a billion bucks, the idiot who commissioned this disaster could have built a gorgeous Las Vegas Casino, which would have been paid for by big-time gambling ‘whales’ a week after it opens. The future profits would have covered the cost of this or anything else Nile Niami wanted to dream up. But NOOO! This piece of shit will sell for a teensy-weensy fraction of its asking price, and deservedly so. And whoever thought he made a killer deal buying it for that will lose his ass when he tries to resell it. This ‘thing’ will end up the laughing stock of Beverly Hills, and a monument to the old saw describing the Peoples’ Republic of California – Land of Fruits and Nuts.

  • Bill_N

    How much longer will this be “under construction”? The owner will die of old age before he gets a chance to move in!

  • Pierre

    Too big for an elegant hilltop mansion, too cramped and not private enough for a modern day palace… What I find fascinating about that “home” is that there is actually a high probability it won’t sell. I very much doubt there is only one investor behind this, though.

  • Homowner

    Nice “yard”.

  • Todd

    I have an almost-identical video on my drive at home. They’ve added some new plantings since I was there in April but it still doesn’t look very far along. They need to pick up the pace of construction if they expect this to ever be finished.

    I stayed with friends farther up Nimes Road and asked them what they thought about it. They liked the novelty of it, said it didn’t affect their view, and were glad that whoever bought it would probably be spending little to no time in it. To me it looks like a shopping mall going up in a neighborhood of tasteful houses.

  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    While it’s located in a one of the ABSOLUTE BEST PLACES to live in the United States. I hope the coming (potentially catastrophic) earthquake swallows this abomination AND the beyond revolting megalomaniac builder at the same time. There are no words in ANY language known on earth to describe just how nauseatingly revolting just the idea of, let alone the actual physical building of this house is. And a certain poster here obviously has a case of severe California envy as evidenced by his pitiful hatred of the state. I’m guessing he thinks, ohhhhhh, I don’t know…….that TEXAS is god’s gift to the America, I’m sure.

    • horselips


  • Otessa Regina Compton



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