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  • Darn! This home is actually just over the Connecticut line in Armonk, NY. the dirveway extends just a few feet from the CT line, so you’d collect your mail in Greenwich!?

    • Me

      It’s actually in the Town of North Castle (NY) which is IN the greater Amonk zip code. So why the hell is it listed in the wrong town AND the wrong state ???? Who writes this stuff ??

      • Kenny Michael Forder

        Then tell Google Maps they got it wrong

        • Google has it in NY, but Zillow lists it in Greenwich, NY? It’s in Conyer’s Farm which lies partly in NY. Ron Howard’s home is in Conyer’s Farm and was listed an CT as well, but it lies above the border.

  • horselips

    I don’t care if it’s in CT, NY, or on the moon, it’s a lovely mansion, tastefully and artistically ornamented and detailed both inside and out, and it appears to be on an impressively large and private lot. The only thing it’s missing is a covered loggia with outdoor kitchen, and so forth but that’s easily remedied by adding a pavilion for which there is plenty of room. nice place, and priced at only 10 times the Zestimate. What more could you want?

    • The home and the property are great, but I don’t want to be subject to NY State taxes!!!

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