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  • peter drippings

    Interior is strange, and fuck paying 5 mil and not having a garage

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      I don’t necessarily agree with you that it’s strange, however it is BLINDINGLY and REVOLTINGLY white. Its as if in EVERY, very high end “modern” house built in this country in the past 10 years that color is against the damn law. I find that inexcusable. And TOTALLY agreed about the garage……literally mind boggling.

      • horselips

        The aerial shot of the property shows 5 cars on the lot – all outside. According to the listing, there is a 4 car attached garage It must be underground because the lot is too small to accommodate such a thing. In fact there’s practically no backyard at all. Arm’s length from the back porch is a wall of hedges or something. So, either the backyard pool is in the front yard, or the front door is in the backyard, or …WTF … and they’re asking $5 million for this? Supply and Demand create strange bedfellows. Caveat Emptor!


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