$3.95 Million Newly Built Brick Mansion In Englewood Cliffs, NJ | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • peter drippings

    I dont know who’s worse, a builder that uses cheap brick on a 4m dollar house, or the buyer of this eyesore who must truly be clueless and tasteless.
    I’m not making a good name for myself on this site, mostly negative I know. But damn this house is ugly as hell, terrible architecture, terrible building materials, and those cheap aluminum garage doors. And i bet it has no problem selling.

    • horselips

      Relax. You’re doing fine. I too am a ruthless critic. I find very little middle ground in mansions – either the architect & builder ‘get it’ or they don’t, and for the millions and millions of dollars these homes list for, I’m not willing to cut much slack. Just as K-12 education has been dumbed down, and liberal arts higher education has been corrupted and politicized, architecture has taken a commensurate serious hit. Home design and construction used to be a magical combination of art and science, nowadays, competent architects are few and far between, and good builders rarer still. Se la vie.


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