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  • peter drippings

    Taking a cue from Newport Coast- Shoe-horn a 6400 sq ft home on a lot that it barely fits. What a deal, this thing would be easy 12mil+ in Pelican Hill.

    As for architecture, my standards for mansions are truly stupidly high. While most I know would drool at this house, I just think “meh”. Sickening lol

  • horselips

    Note the new star rating option at the top of each listing. Give these homes a 1-5 star rating. It’s at the top left of the pictures. I gave this steaming p.o.s. a whole 1 star.

    • Kenny Michael Forder

      Lol! Do you like that new feature? Any other features you think we should add? Been playing around with the design as well as I’m sure you can tell. Do you like full-width or boxed layout?

      • Allen

        I like the new star rating feature, Kenny. I also like that you added the mailing list option. (I just added myself, btw). Oh, I gave the house a solid 4. I like the property, and for Ladera Ranch, it’s a good value.

        • Kenny Michael Forder


      • horselips

        Any layout that’s easiest and/or most profitable for you will work for me, as long as it’s still “clothing optional.” Tell us about your new puppy.

        • Kenny Michael Forder

          Thanks! He’s a 1-year-old Shiba Inu


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