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  • horselips

    They all look so much alike. Same linear fireplace, same straight-grained wood veneers, same multi-pendant light fixtures, same plexi-glass staircases, same eggshell bathtubs … same … same … same … You could take almost any ‘contemporary’ exterior and put it with almost any ‘contemporary’ interior and who’d know or care? Anyway, the robot face made by pendant lights, the flat-screen TV and the linear fireplace you see entering the kitchen (picture #4) is hilarious. That over-equipped gym looks like a North Korean torture chamber. Stick me in there and I’ll confess to anything.

  • Pierre

    The house is not too bad if you like that minimalist style, but the lot is terrible : poor views and no privacy whatsoever… The people who buy those kind of homes are probably never really living in it… That’s the only explanation I have.

  • Atlas

    Nice enough modernist design but awful lot. Also, the property is grossly overpriced for the size of the low, the lack of privacy, the size of the house and the mediocre to poor views. This house is nice but its work about a tenth of the list price.

    • Craig2080

      A 10th? Ha I agree its overpriced but you’re delusional if you think this house is worth $2.5m


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