21,000 Square Foot Newly Built Limestone Mega Mansion In Evergreen, CO | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    I dearly love the exterior – it is a masterpiece – end of story. But the inside leaves me unsure; the detailing is fine, but I’d have to see the floorplans to better decide on the layout. Anyway, given the wonderful 35 acre property, and because the architecture is just soooo freaking cool, I’ll take my chances and max-out the rating.

    • Kenny Michael Forder

      My new favorite exterior. The interior is a let down for me to be honest. Carpet, really?! I wish there was more stone or hardwood.

  • Green Eyed Warlock

    This abortion has all the historic authenticity, proportion, class, geometry, attractiveness and subtlety of a 100 car, bloody train wreck or 100 traveling carnivals under one gigantic tent. It is an abomination of excess, pretension, gaudiness and classlessness.

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