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  • horselips

    “Waterfront” isn’t “oceanfront” – there’s no beach or swimming to be done here – just a dock and a pier for your yacht, if you have one. But if you didn’t have one, why would you buy this kind of house? But if you did have a yacht, and $13.5 million to spend on a 6 bedroom house as well, is it likely that a detached 2 car garage will meet you and your family’s needs? EFFING FREAKING NO! The driveway serving the garage is so narrow that you’re going to have time pulling in or backing out anything larger than a Fiat 500. What kind of lifestyle are they offering? This dream (nightmare) house is sited on a completely useless quarter-acre (OK, it’s .28 acre) lot, in a neighborhood that looks like hell. The street you’re on is a one-way – one-lane road lined with truly God-awful power poles strung with thick, black, utility wires on several levels. This is Barrio Bentley on steroids. If you don’t need the “waterfront” you can do much larger, much more private, much better, for a very small fraction of this impossible asking price.


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