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  • Christopher Boyd


  • horselips

    Picture 12 and picture 13 seem to be reversed, and they must have been taken at different times because the dining set on the left of 12 is not seen in front of the same portico in 13. Whatever. Anyway, it’s a gorgeous mansion. The foyer is overwhelming. Aside from being defaced with pointless modern ‘art’ the other rooms we see are also well done. I find the price, at almost $3,400 / square foot, to be a little proud, the 14 acre lot notwithstanding. To me, Massachusetts, as states go, is almost singularly undesirable.

  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    Yet another incomprehensibly gargantuan and categorically useless small hotel that has tried and failed miserably (AGAIN!) to be considered a single family home by anyone with any architectural knowledge or sense whatsoever. The careless pile that is the photographs taken of the same view and different times of the day and repeated way too many times is unforgivable as is the completely screwed up order. The interior is lovely however they really should’ve hired a professional to shoot ALL of the pertinent rooms of the house at the same time. The modern art is beautiful, which is beyond so many peoples ability to comprehend, especially here in the U.S. However, too many of the interior shots are inexcusably dark which is unthinkable on a psychotically overpriced shopping-mall-as-home as this.

    • horselips

      Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are single family homes. Phil Mountbatten and Liz Windsor live in them. Nice folks.

      • ArchitectureAfficianado

        Wow… know them personally, I’m faux-impressed. And both of those structures are just historical examples of the worst I’ve railed about on nuclear powered steroids.

  • Pierre

    Am I the only one to think that the asking price is simply ridiculous ? This is Boston, not Martha’s Vineyard or Long Island. The manor seems nice, but like ArchitectureAfficianado says, we could really use better photos.

    • Homowner

      Most of the time these outrageous price tags are put on grand homes to garner free attention. Look at Albemarle House in Charlottesville Va. It went from $100 million to $48M, to $24M to foreclosed at $15M to sold to Trump for $6.5 million !!!!

  • Homowner

    There is no “porte-cochere” as listed in the description ! Who WRITES this stuff ??


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