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  • horselips

    I don’t know what this looks like. It doesn’t look like an apartment complex, or an office building. Or a college building. Or a hospital, but maybe a large assisted living or nursing home.(?). And although it is symmetrical, the façade is too broken up to look palatial, or even residential. Methinks they’re trying too hard.

    • Bill_N

      (hint: It isn’t completed yet!)

  • Pierre

    I’m sure the neighbors are very pleased.

  • Rob

    The thing is right next to the highway. I mean you spend all that money for a 85k square foot palace and put it next to a highway?

  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    ………and the band played on…………and it REALLY IS RIGHT FREAKIN’ NEXT TO THE *&^%$#%#!@ FREEWAY!!! HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    Wretchedly revolting in every human way conceivable.

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