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  • Daniel

    For those wanting a look in Birds-Eye view, the home is located at 1500 South Ocean Blvd. An absolutely gorgeous home. Mr. Clark did an outstanding job saving what is considered Maurice Fatio’s masterpiece. It’s an incredibly spread out home, but the beauty cannot be denied. The final selling price will undoubtedly surpass $100 Million, which would make it the most expensive single transaction ever in Palm Beach (beating out the $95 Million paid for Donald Trump’s Maison de L’Amitie”)

    • Pierre

      The asking price seems almost reasonable… Since it has to be one of Palm Beach’s most beautiful mansion. I suppose it could sell for a lot more if it was actually ocean front ?

      • Daniel

        I think the price is on par, considering the square footage, the 5.5 acre lot, and the turnkey presentation. Personally, I prefer it’s location on the lake. Definitely one of the top 5 homes in Palm Beach.

  • horselips

    To the glory of income inequality, without which such creations would not be possible. The architecture is magnificent, the interior is exquisite. But I would like to see the rooms that add up to 60,000 square feet. The rooms pictured in the listing are certainly large, but there’s only 10 bedrooms, and even if they’re oversized, there must be a lot of public spaces not pictured. I’d love to see them.

    • Daniel

      The 60,352 sq ft is the TOTAL square footage for the main house, which includes garage space, covered loggias/porches, and the basement. County records place the air-conditioned square footage at 40,916. Total square footage of the entire estate, including the boat house and ocean guest house is 68,381. Remember that there are 19 baths in the main home, and the closets for each bedroom are probably quite generous. Add in the enormous wine cellar, offices, 50-foot wide living room and a slew of other rooms and the home’s size becomes apparent.

  • Craig2080

    It’s a gorgeous house but I honestly don’t see it selling for anywhere near list price. I think you are all a bit delusional if you don’t realize the main part of the estate being across the street from the ocean is a HUGE detractor. Who knows what will happen tho.


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