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  • horselips

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but as the buyer’s regret sinks in, the owner might be tempted to hurl a few – from the inside. What wonderful views this home offers from all the major rooms. Spectacular city lights all the way to the horizon. OK, now what? Same view every day, every night, day after day, month after month…ad nauseam. Your own personal “Groundhog Day” hell of endless repetition -except this one comes at a very hefty price. 3,550 sq. ft. 1/4 acre lot. That’s all there is. Nowhere to go, nothing else to see. No room to do anything new indoors or out. And that completely idiotic $5.795 million price is always in sight of, and never leaves, your mind’s eye. I give it a month before the owner wishes that goddam city would catch fire, suffer an earthquake, a tsunami, anything … anything at all…before it drives him crazy.

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