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  • horselips

    Because I have a working car, Beverly Hills means nothing to me. I can drive to its shopping and business district and shop till I drop, I can attend its theaters, nightclubs, and restaurants – in short, everything Beverly Hills has to offer is open and available to anyone who cares to go there. So why would I pay a completely arbitrary price – unrelated in any way to the actual cost of construction – just to live there, when doing so imparts no benefits that anyone else can access at discretion?
    I know, I know, location-location-location. But when the location is so ridiculously inflated that even if you can afford the price, it is so ruinous and insulting to your common sense and any measure of value, that enjoyment of the property is intellectually and emotionally impossible.
    I would imagine this mansion can be built just outside of the fabled Beverly Hills for less than half the price – probably much less than half. And there’s no lack of prestige living in a $20 million mansion anywhere in this hemisphere. You’re still a big dog, a mogul, a top tier 1%-er and everybody knows it. And the $20+ million you saved will buy a very nice mega-yacht. The best revenge is living well.


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