35,000 Square Foot Mediterranean Oceanfront Mega Mansion In Palm Beach, FL Re-Listed For $74.5 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    REVOLTING. On every possible level. NO one, repeat NO ONE ON EARTH has enough real need, let alone a family gigantic enough to fill, let alone truly realize just how psychotically oversized THIRY SIX THOUSAND SQUARE FEET IS. Greed and egomania at it’s utter worst.

    • horselips

      You seem to have a fixation on “need” relating to mansion size. The problem isn’t their greed and egomania, it’s your envy and anger management. Consider “want” instead. So many things are enjoyed because of “want” – when “need” is irrelevant. For example, I drive a V8 powered car. I don’t “need” that, I just “want” it. Same with my gun collection. I “need” very little of it, but I “want” it all and I “want” more.
      A wealthy individual may not need a 36K sq.ft. mansion, he may just want it, and so what? Relax, chill, MYOB. Nobody is being forced to live in a smaller house because he lives in a larger one. And to construct his palace, many jobs are created, millions of dollars in wages are brought to his community, his county’s tax base gets a serious boost, and he must hereafter remit considerable sums to local government. Nobody loses, everybody wins. Besides, birth is fatal, you might as well enjoy life. To each his own. Build and let built.

    • Pierre

      This kind of square footage can come handy if you want to entertain a large group of friends or collegues (and their respective families.) In fact it could use a couple more bedrooms. I don’t hate the floor plans but I really don’t like the exterior. The roof is too low and makes the whole mansion look pretty ridiculous.

    • Allen

      Someone has an issue with size, it seems. I bet you have small hands and feet, too.

    • Bill_N

      Are you a troll like this on every other discussion site you belong to?

  • horselips

    The owner blew almost $30 million on the land alone. I want whatever he was smoking. Then he builds this enormous mansion a year ago in 2015 – yet it’s still described in the listing as newly built even though it’s been for sale since then. Never even lived in? This thing was built on spec? Kidding me?
    The price has dropped $10,000,000 in just one year, and deservedly so. The floor plans are not impressive for what this place costs. It appears to be just a super-sized mansion, utterly bereft of any noteworthy innovation or creativity.
    I see the price dropping millions more before this turkey sells.


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