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  • Craig2080

    I am all for building yourself a big ol mega-manse if you got the money and desire, but all 3 of these are simply hideous.

    The interiors of the Dallas house is truly awful. Not to mention how “new money…” Buy the house next door, mostly rip out the interior and rebuild the structure keeping facade– the second house now is just a basketball court and bowling alley that’s connected it to your 15k sq.ft. house with a wing of garages…. tacky. The gold exterior accents— are so Trump. The roof lines of the two structures don’t actually match, the dormers dot match… the window styles / transoms don’t match. All around – tacky.

  • horselips

    Palazzo Steyn won my heart and adjacent giblets. Beverly Hills will sell you 1/4 the house at twice the price. I hope some gazillionaire sees this, and builds a clone in America. Well, sans the Roman aqueduct anyway. YOLO.

  • Truth be told

    The first 2 Mansions have something in common – the owner and/or members of the family are in jail or headed there (PA) or bankrupt (TX)! I guess “greed is not good.”

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      There’s absolutely no way I can tell you just HOW MUCH you took the words RIGHT outta’ my mouth!! All three of these beyond gargantuan temples to ego, greed and materialism run amok are beyond hideous and are showcases for the worst in human nature.

    • Green Eyed Warlock

      Also, I just worked up enough nerve to look at the pics of #2 again and……..BAD IDEA. I’m positive that is what drug addicted courtesans during Louis the XVI’s time saw in their nightmares after a night of being abused, while drunk and high and about to puke. I don’t have the guts to look at the other two!


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