$24 Million Newly Built European Inspired Mansion In West Vancouver, Canada | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    It’s a decent mansion – some interesting places inside and the elevation is stately and formal. However (don’tcha hate that word!) as we all know, the market in and around Vancouver is insanely inflated and only an idiot with far more money than brains would be sucker enough to pay anywhere near $25 million for this.
    Sooner or later, what goes up must come down. I can’t wait for the Vancouver real estate market to crash, as it must inevitably do. I will take great schadenfreude seeing thousands of morons upside down in their folly.

    • Pierre

      Why would you want that, though ? It sounds a little bit misanthropic to me. Anyway, there is no reason for that market to crash any time soon… Vancouver is one of the top place in the Western world… and a lot of money is coming from China as well.

      • horselips

        Busted! I confess to being a tad misanthropic.

      • Rocco

        Also, a significant portion of American TV/Movies are filmed in Vancouver, which helps their economy.

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