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  • horselips

    What a joke that dining room is. Looks like the interior decorator, recalling her salad days when she was a homeless hitch-hiker sleeping in city parks, ripped off an abandoned highway rest area for the dilapidated table and benches and in a drug-induced flash of inspiration, stuck a wing chair on each end, and, of course, a crystal chandelier (what else!) over the whole ‘ensemble.’ Such a unique composition undoubtedly earned her a fat check.
    If ever there was a profession in desperate need of rescue – and a complete reformation – it is the field of interior décor.

    • Guest

      Spoken like true queen ! The table and chairs aren’t for sale, the house is!

      • horselips

        “Queen?” Huh? WTF. The dining room itself is a joke. It’s just a small alcove off the hallway that looks more like a breakfast nook than the formal dining room of a 16,500 square foot mansion costing $4.6 million. As is so often, and sadly the case, this home’s magnificent elevation writes a check the rather miserable interior can’t cash.

  • Homowner

    I like the house itself, but for that price I want more garage space and ACREGE!

    • Homowner



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