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  • horselips

    It’s probably just me, but a 13,000 square foot mansion ought to have more street cred than this has. Lots of homes with half the square footage look like this. But what the heck, you can’t look the part on a crummy under-half-acre lot so why bother.
    I looked at the street view of this ‘mansion’ and the neighborhood it’s in. OMFG. That pile of garbage bags on the weed-strewn sidewalk was a nice touch. Unburied utilities, rutted streets, dilapidated smaller houses that look about a hundred years old all around – this place is a dump. If location matters, run for your life!

    • Kenny Michael Forder

      Looks like a 5,000 square foot home from the front exterior

  • Home-Oh!

    This house is just another example of how money can’t buy taste ! The rec room floor looks like they just used all the left over tile and wood from the rest of the house- HIDEOUS!

  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    Utter, complete, absolute and TOTAL SHIT.

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