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  • horselips

    When you divvy-up 12,000 sq. ft. between 3 floors, you end up with a front view no more impressive than a home half the size. A mansion on this scale should have a tremendous presence, be at least 150 feet across – in short, it should look the part, and not be …well … short. And what’s with 7 bedrooms and only 4 ensuites? With over 12,000 square feet and millions of dollars to plan with, the architect just couldn’t find a way to squeeze in a bathroom for each bedroom? Given that, I can almost understand how, with just 5.5 acres to work with, that even after six years, the owner just couldn’t fit a swimming pool into his back yard.

    • Bill_N

      IMHO an outdoor pool in Maryland isn’t the greatest of ideas. It’d be used MAYBE 3 months out of the year on average. Maybe the guy just isn’t a recreational swimmer.

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