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  • horselips

    Breathtakingly beautiful inside and out. Blindfolded, you could throw a camera anywhere inside the mansion and be guaranteed an Architectural Digest cover shot. So many high volume spaces and powerful focal points. The detailing, OMG, the detailing. The furnishings are exquisite. This isn’t just design and construction, this is inspiration and love. Whoever did this back in 2009 ‘gets it.’ This is art. Never mind the price. Just pay it, and enjoy truly gracious living for the rest of your life.

  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    Congrats! YET ANOTHER out of control paen to Imperial-Russian-excess-gone-BERSERK with a too-healthy side of utterly revolting, wayyyyyyy over the top contemporary interpretation of living in your own “palace” since you’re the King/Emperor/”God” of your own delusions. I can’t even look at the all the photos because I don’t want to wretch and I’m all out of Pepto. The only magazine cover that this dangerously feverish train wreck could make is Padded Cell Monthly. The level of history-incorrect, spastic, faux grandeur is utterly ridiculous, epilepsy inducing and truly inexplicable……Hitler 2.0, I mean Donald Drumpf would love it.

  • 007Man

    It’s just down the street from a home that cost $37M to build. This one is worth every penny.

  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    Louis the XVI woulda’ loved it and it’d be perfect for Hitler 2.0, I mean Chump. It’s only got 32 miles of baroque trim & detail….I was expecting the full 50.

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