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  • ArchitectureAfficianado

    GHASTLY on every possible level. I hope it BURNS TO THE GROUND tomorrow. EVERY revolting slavish devotion to PSYCHOTICALLY OVERSIZED MONSTROSITIES LIKE THIS that represent the absolute worst of GREED AND MATERIALISM in mega mansions of the obscenely rich like this are WRETCHED beyond description.

    • Stove

      You may not like it, but the desire to someday own a home with a shopping mall garage is what drove Mr.Kimsey to create AOL.A company that at its peak employed 13,000 people. How many households do you support? Call it greed and materialism, but the fact is without the over the top decadent ambitions of people like him….a lot of us wouldn’t have jobs. So let them spend their money however they please.

    • Jackson

      Seriously? If somebody works hard, why not let them enjoy their money? Totally agree with Stove.

  • horselips

    Something tells me ArchitectureAfficianado doesn’t want to buy this house. My only complaints are the flight of 14 steps between the foyer and the living room – who wants to have to deal with that, and the interior in the guest house. Look at pictures 22 and 24 – modern interior decor has been reduced, literally, to the proverbial ‘box of rocks.’

  • Janice Kettle

    Jim Kimsey was a war hero, an outstanding citizen, a true giver and a very nice man.

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