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  • Guest

    NOT A MANSION! A mansion is a home with 10,000 sq ft of living space above ground !
    Quit calling every big house a mansion, it cheapens the term.

    • Todd

      Says who? You? What the hell do YOU know? It’s all relative. A mansion used to be 4,000+ square feet and then it went up to 5K and onward. For the purposes of this blog, it is 8,000+ sq ft. And since it’s his blog, and he deals with luxury real estate on a global level, who are you to correct him? Start your own blog and quit looking at this one if it bothers you so much! The only thing that cheapens anything are your stupid and amateur comments!

      • horselips

        Not getting any lately? It shows. Well, at least I’m not the only one getting chewed out around here. As for amateur comments, I apologize for all of mine – didn’t get the memo that this site was only for professionals.

        • Todd

          Of course you don’t say that to Guest (as it’s probably you!). He emphatically states what a proper mansion REALLY is like a true amateur. He has the gall to criticize and put down this blog and you “excuse” all this as “just my opinion.” Then again, he’s probably roommates with you in the single wide.

          • horselips

            I would imagine that if our good friend Guest had to be classified as a Seller, Agent, or a Buyer, he would, like 95+% of us here, be the latter. That makes him a ‘customer,’ and that makes him right. Even if he’s wrong, he’s still right. And don’t worry about this blog and our most gracious host, Kenny Forder. He understands that no residence is for everybody, and the criticisms and compliments members offer in comments aren’t right or wrong, they just reflect the wide range of attitudes, tastes and preferences existing in this big, beautiful, free market. Chill. Enjoy.

          • Todd

            Oh, so if Guest calls the above home an IGLOO, he’s right because the customer is always right; I see. There’s always much to learn from the wrong side of the tracks. His opinion is his to have but when he scolds and tries to bend others who know better to his ignorance then that’s something else. Chill yourself.

    • Kenny Michael Forder

      A mansion is technically a home with at least 8,000 square feet of living space. So yes, it IS a mansion; whether it’s grand or not.

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